Monday, March 12, 2012

Basil - Calgary

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Here is a delicious place for some pho located in the NE of Calgary just off Barlow Trail and 32 avenue. The short and sweet of this place is...

The restaurant is very clean and presentable. The pho is actually quite tasty and well proportioned. Unfortunately they only have one size. Prices are decent for a Pho restaurant and their sate soup actually has sate flavour, unlike other restaurants that usually just put hot sauce/oil into your soup. I ordered the Pho Dac Biet with sate soup and it was quite enjoyable.

Come on by for a taste. The soup was good, not great, it could have had more flavour but it wasn't the worse that I've ever tasted. In my opinion, it is a worthy bowl of pho in Calgary. It is really tough to write a lot about pho since pho is pho... so if you have never tried it before, just head on out to your local neighbourhood pho restaurant and try some.

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  1. I just ate here today! I had heard so much hype about it, and it was good but a little over-priced when there is lots of good cheap pho in the city. Also didn't feel there were enough noodles in proportion to the rest of the soup.